Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Blog

Hi all! I have started a second blog. This blog is a place where I can post my thoughts about work. I also plan on posting articles about work. My friends always get tired of listening to my work stories, so now I have a place to put them.

Now obviously I can't put every call on here, and obviously I can't put every detail of calls on here, but there are plenty of things I can share and I intend on sharing them with you on this blog! I have named this blog "walking in others shoes" because I'm hoping it can give everyone who reads it a different perspective on law enforcement. Whether you are seeing it from your point of view, a police officers point of view, a dispatchers point of view, the suspects point of view or the victims point of view, I hope you can learn something. Take a minute to walk in others shoes and see things the way they see things!

I really appreciate the opportunity I have to work for the Orem Police Department as a dispatcher. I have learned so much in the three short years I have been there and I feel like I have grown as a person. I have seen and heard alot of difficult and life changing things. I have become much more grateful for the little things in life and also for the security I have in my life. I appreciate every day my opportunity to help make my community a better place to live. I can't guarantee regular posts...I never know what's going to happen at work on any given day, but I would really appreciate your thoughts/comments on different items that are posted. Happy reading!

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