Saturday, October 18, 2008

Humor At Work

Sometimes our job can be humorous. I think it's healthy for us to laugh at work sometimes, especially in the field we're in. We are pounded daily with stressful calls and difficult situations. It's good to lighten the mood every once in awhile and just laugh.

The article this post is in reference to caused quite a giggle for several people. It just goes to prove that criminals aren't always the brightest. An officer was driving in his patrol car and was stopped at a stoplight. A vehicle pulled up to him and rolled down his window, motioning for the officer to do the same. The male in the vehicle stated that he wanted to talk to the officer about a previous DUI (driving under the influence) case he had been involved in. The officer told the male to pull into the mall parking lot and they would talk about it. The driver took that as literal as it could be taken, and ran through the red light to get to the mall parking lot. When the officer was able to meet with the subject it turned out that once again, he was intoxicated, and was charged with DUI.

Not the brightest person ever, but at least it's one more intoxicated person off the road at his own expense! I'm glad when people like that can be taken off the road without injury or accident to them or others. And you have to get a good laugh out of the way it all happened!

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