Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nationwide Coverage

Orem is not a big city, especially in comparison to the actual "big cities". We do have quite a few residents and alot of day time people in the city but we're still kind of a quieter city. So for us to have a case that goes nationwide is pretty rare. When I think of police cases that go nationwide (and this one went international) I think of mass shootings, bus crashes, natural disasters, high profile murders, etc. But none of these were the type of case we had. None of these were even close. Orem went nationwide because we arrested a female for resisting arrest while being issued a citation for having a brown lawn.

I say she was arrested for resisiting arrest, because she was. Most people chose to believe (even after it was verified otherwise) that she was arrested solely for having a brown lawn. That was not the case. She was arrested for resisting arrest while being issued a citation for having a brown lawn.

I'm sure you all know how this case turns out. She plead guilty to charges without going to court and the case is now closed. There were alot of people with alot of opinions on this case, and I am one of them. From the very beginning I was on the officers side. The officer involved is a good officer. Alot of people called my opinion biased because I work for the police department, and you can say that if you want, but I made a decision and I stand by it. I was able to hear both sides of the story and I believed the officer. Every person is entitled to their opinion, and I made mine!

I'm not going to say alot about the case. People read and heard all about it in the media. I will say that I'm glad I was able to see the support the officers in this department had for the officer involved. I'm glad I was able to see that sometimes in police work you have to make tough decisions. Alot of times people think police work is black and white, but there is a huge gray area where it's you and you alone that has to make a split second decision and stand by it. This is a great place that I work and I'm glad that we have such good officers to represent this department and this city.

One more thing I want to say about this situation is this: Don't believe everything you see/hear in the media. I think the media can be a great resource, but it can also be a great pitfall. When this case was going to go to trial they were going to have to bring in more than 100 people for the possible jury pool to try to find just a few who hadn't been influenced by the media and could be fair. So be careful in what you choose to believe, and once you make a decision, stand by it.

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