Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saving A Life

Alot of times people ask me why I like working in law enforcement and why I want to become a police officer, and to me the answer is easy: I like helping people. Alot of times I have the opportunity to help people through the worst thing that has ever happened to them. They turn to us on the worst days of their lives and we have the responsibility to help them if and how we can. I know it's true (and it's a very valid point) that I could help people just as much by being a paramedic, and it's a safer job, but being a police officer is something I just really want to experience.

Early one morning I was about 30 minutes from getting off a long, quiet grave shift, and was hoping for no more calls. Of course, right at that time, a 911 call came in. I answered and was talking to a man who was quite upset saying that his wife was suicidal. I asked him the address where she was and he gave me their home address but said she had left on foot and he was following her. He was such a good caller and was able to keep me updated on where she was while the officers were enroute. I asked him what she had done that led him to believe that she was suicidal, and he said that she had taken a handful of tylenol and had also tried to cut her wrists. I had officers arriving in the area when the male started to yell that she was jumping off a bridge into water and hung up on me. Right at that point an officer arrived and shortly after the backing officer arrived.

I didn't know for sure if she had made it off the bridge or not, but it didn't sound like a good situation. We already had medical units enroute and they were upgraded to urgent response (lights and sirens). The officers on scene were quiet for a few minutes and then they got on the radio saying they were in the canal with the female who was now unconcious and they needed medical NOW!! Well, the ambulance was driving as fast as it could and it was difficult to hear the officers keep yelling for medical and medical saying they couldn't go any faster. I could hear the concern in the officers voices. Finally medical arrived and were able to help the officers get the female out of the canal and into an ambulance. They transported her urgently to the hospital where she was able to get some help.

Now, both of the officers who went on this call are good officers. They jumped into a canal, fully dressed, in the freezing cold to save the life of a suicidal woman who they didn't know. They are police officers to help people, and that's what they did that day. Both of the officers were honored for what they did that morning, and there is a chance that the female lived due directly to the officers selfless actions. That is one of the calls that inspired me to become an officer. I had been considering it for a little before that but when I was able to see how they were able to change the life of a citizen I was inspired. I want to make the community better and that's what I saw them doing!

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