Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Whole New City

Orem police, fire and dispatch has taken on a slightly new role...a whole new city. For the last 3 years that I've worked for Orem, and for years before, dispatchers were in charge of Orem police and Orem fire/medical only. On July 1st of 2008 we also started dispatching for Lindon.

Lindon city started their own police department and decided to pay Orem for dispatch, fire and medical assistance. We have a fire station located in Lindon right next to their police department that is staffed by Orem firefighters. They respond to Lindon calls and also Orem calls. We also dispatch for their 15 police officers. It took a little getting used to, as any change does, and there have been adjustements made all around. However, 4 months into this new change, things seem to be running smoothly and all is well. We have all gone on 2 hour ride alongs with Lindon officers to help us as dispatchers get to know the city better. We have gotten to know their officers and finally feel comfortable dispatching for a new city.

It is a huge step we've taken, to add another city to our responsibilities. I'm glad they were confident enough in us to allow us to dispatch for them.

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