Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I think the worst thing that could happen in law enforcement is for an officer (or firefighter/paramedic) to be killed in the line of duty. We have been fortunate to not have this happen in the time I've worked for the city. I know we've have several officers injured in the line of duty but none killed.

A North Salt Lake City officer was killed while pursuing a suspect in a stolen vehicle. Officer Charles Skinner slid out on a wet road and crashed into a sign causing critical injuries. After surgery and other tests it was found that he had no brain activity and was taken off life support. Officer Skinner has 2 small children, twins, that are just 4 weeks old and now without a father.

I didn't know Officer Skinner. I had never even heard of him before his accident. But I feel for him, his coworkers and his family. What an awful thing to have to deal with. I can't imagine the pain they are all feeling. I try to think how I would feel if it were one of my coworkers but I can't even begin to imagine. It's a scary thing to think about. I have friends and family members who are police officers and who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. What an amazing sacrifice they make every single day.

I want us all to take a moment to remember those who have died in the line of duty, doing what they love and protecting their communities. These officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. I thank their families for sharing them with us. I think of all the people who were helped because of their work. I think of their coworkers, their friends whose lives they were willing to die protecting. These officer are my hero's, as are the officers who put on their uniforms every day, kiss their families goodbye and head to work to protect people like you and me. Thank you for making that sacrifice. Please remember them!

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