Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think I'm immune to thinking things are 'exciting' at work. It seems like daily routine to me now but then I get a reality check. My doctor asked me what had been exciting at work lately and I had to think about it for a minute. Then I thought of a pretty good fire I told him about, so if it's good enough for the doc then it's good enough for everyone! =D

We had an interesting and different fire the other day. We got a third party call about a fire in a shed. While the fire department and officers were on their way over, the home owner called us about the fire. Part of the way through the call she tells us the shed is full of gun poweder and ammunition. Apparently that's where her husband does all his gun stuff. Now as you all can imagine, gun powder in the middle of a fire isn't good seeing how flamable it is.

When the officers arrived on scene the advised that they heard 'shots' going off every 2-3 seconds. There was no active attack on this fire. The fire department took their precious time putting it out to make sure everyone (them, the police and the citizens) were all kept safe from the exploding shots. Gun powder in the middle of a fire is never a good idea.

We also had another fire a few days later. A family had a fire going in their fire place when all of the sudden flames and smoke started coming out the bottom of the fireplace on the outside of the house. Again, the fire department and officers responded. The problem with fires like that is that the fires stay in the walls. So there is a home now with several holes punched in the walls both inside and out. The fire was eventually put out though and it could have been alot worse. But 2 fires in 1 week is pretty rare and pretty 'exciting' if you're the firemen. It definately kept us on our toes and tied up for awhile.

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