Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Police Officer's Prayer

I have been thinking alot about the risk that Police Officers take every single day on the job. One day while I was thinking about it, I ran across the above picture and poem and wanted to share it.

A Police Officer's Prayer
Lord, I ask You to be with me
In a very special way
As I face the challenges
That I must face each day
Please give to me compassion
For the innocent I see
Help me to protect & serve
Those who depend on me
And when duty calls to danger
Walk closely by my side
Instill in me great courage
And be my strength, my guide
And whatever I am called to do
Always thankful I will be
That You have been the unseen guest
Walking next to me
Please just always take the time to thank a police officer next time you see them. Remember that they are putting their lives on the line to protect and serve you and me!

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