Saturday, April 11, 2009

I promise, directions aren't hard!

I took another funny call last night at work. A lady was calling to report that her vehicle had just been hit and the person who hit her drove away. My caller was following the suspect. She gave me the address of where she was and said she was still following. I asked her if they were going North, South, East or West and there was silence on the other end of the phone. I think it was the first time she had ever heard those directions. She had NO idea where she was. I've had people like that before so I told her to just keep giving me addresses as she saw them so I could tell the officer. She told me they started at 1600 N State. This is how it went:

1600 N State
1140 N 980 W
1100 N 800 W
1040 N 600 W
1200 N State

...wait, 1200 N State? How did you get from 600 W to State? (For those of you who know Orem, it's not easy.) She then started giving me businesses on State street as she followed the suspect past them. We got Wendys, Maceys, a carpet business, etc. She told me she was right behind the person.

After sending our officers on a small goose chase around the North end of town (thanks to my callers directions) we finally got an officer to catch up to them. My caller said she saw the officer. I told her (as is routine) that "The officer is going to make a traffic stop on that vehicle. After he pulls it over I need you to pull over and park your car behind the officers. Do not get out of your vehicle. The officer is going to make contact first at the car he has stopped and then he will come talk to you. Do you understand?" She told me she understood, but she still seemed a little confused so I didn't hang up. Turned out to be a good thing that I didn't.

I was just about to ask her if she was out with the officer when she told me he had the wrong car pulled over. She again gave me the vehicle description and license plate. I assured her we had that very car pulled over. I asked her if she was pulled up behind the officer and she told me she couldn't see the officer. How did she know he had pulled over the "wrong car" if she couldn't even see what car he had? (I had the same question) I asked her where she was and she said 400 N State. Well the officer was at 200 N State (I don't know how she got so far behind.) I told her I was staying on the phone with her and told her to pull over behind the officer as soon as she saw him. She finally told me that she saw him and asked if she should pull over left... I told her "No, the officer is pulled over to the right and I need you to pull over and park your car RIGHT BEHIND HIM and stay in your car." (I was starting to get a little frustrated by this point. I asked her a few seconds later if she were parked behind the officer so I could hang up with her. She told me to hang on. And then I hear this:

Caller: Hi!
Male: Are you so-and-so?
Caller: Yes, who are you?
Male: I'm Officer so-and-so.
Caller: Hi!
Officer: Who are you on the phone with?
Caller: 911. Officer: Um, you can hang up now...
Caller: (to me) Ok, I think I can hang up now!

Ya, I felt like that call was never going to end. Bless her heart for trying so hard to be a good caller. She just fell through in so many ways. I couldn't help but laugh. At least she had a good attitude about the whole thing, right?

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