Saturday, April 11, 2009

So funny!

I know things always seem funnier at night or when you haven't slept for awhile, but I think at times my job really is funny regardless of how much sleep a person has had. Tonight was one of those funny nights! I think it's good that we can find some funny things in some not-so-funny situations.

We had a serious traffic accident tonight that our medical units responded to on the highway. We had SEVERAL reports of the accident come in on 911 lines and we finally got medical units out with Highway Patrol units. It was obvious that the accident was quite serious so we quickly called an air ambulance (Life Flight) to respond to the scene. When we call Life Flight they always make contact with an officer on scene for scene and landing information. Since the accident was on the highway, UHP took the landing zone. We had advised (we thought) everyone on the scene that Life Flight was enroute and their ETA (estimated time of arrival) was less than 5 minutes. A few minutes after that we heard the chopper check on the radio with UHP and advise them that they were less than a minute out. This is what we heard:

Chopper: Who is our contact on scene?
UHP: It will be UHP unit #...
Chopper: UHP unit #..., we are less than 1 minute out
(Amidst ALOT of wind-type noise on the radio)
UHP: Life Flight confirming you are 15 minutes out?
Chopper: Um, negative. We have the scene in sight and are coming in straight at you.

It was one of those times when you can just picture the helicopter pilot wanting to say "LOOK UP! What do you mean 15 minutes? Can't you see a HUGE red helicopter coming in? And if you don't see the helicopter, can't you hear it? "

It was so funny. And the best part was that the whole time they are having their converstation I could HEAR the helicopter in the background. It's not like they sneak up on a person.

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