Saturday, May 9, 2009

Carbon Monoxide? I don't think so...

I took a 911 call tonight from an adult female who was babysitting 3 small children. She called 911 saying that her and the children were feeling nauseated, dizzy, confused, weak etc. She told me right at the beginning of the call that she thought they had carbon monoxide poisoning. I put a carbon monoxide call in and we started the fire department her way.

As I was taking the call, I followed pretty well along the way of carbon monoxide poisoning. I had her take all of the children outside of the home and away from the house. I had them all try to take slow deep breathis. I kept her on the phone and gathered as much information as possible. Right at the very end of the call I decided to ask her if the children looked like their cheeks were red and/or splotchy. That is a common side affect of carbon monoxide poisoning. She said it was dark outside so she took one of the children over by a light to look at them and tell me what she saw. I asked her if they looked red at all and she said "I have them in the light and they look red, but we were out in the sun all day and we are all pretty sunburned." Right after she said that she told me the officer arrived and I disconnected the phone call.

Ok...anyone thinking what I'm thinking? I love that people are aware of how they're feeling. Sometimes being "paranoid" pays off. People who notice more than 1 occupant of a home suffering from some type of ailment often times turn out to be because there really is a problem. But think about it... 4 people all feeling sick to their stomachs. They all have headaches. They are all tired and a little weak. They are all sunburned. Anyone thinking heat stroke? Well, sure enough the fire department arrives on scene and takes some tests and there is no carbon monoxide! They all spent some extra time out in the sun today running around and now they're paying for it. But bless that babysitters heart for being right on top of things. ;D

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