Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who am I?

I am the voice that calms the mother into breathing life back into her infant son.
I am the invisible hand that holds and comforts the elderly man who woke up this morning to find his wife of 50 years passed away during the night.
I am the friend who talks the disgruntled teenager out of ending her own life.
I sent help when you had your first automobile accident.
I am the one who tries to obtain the information from callers to ensure that the scene is safe for those I dispatch to emergencies - all the while anticipating the worst and hoping for the best.
I am the psychologist who readily adapts my language and tone of voice to serve the needs of my callers with compassion and understanding.
I am the ears that listen to the needs of all those I serve.
I have heard the screams of faceless people I never will meet nor forget.
I have cried at the atrocities of mankind and rejoiced at the miracles of life.
I was there, though unseen my my comrades in the field during the most trying emergencies.
I have tried to visualize the scene to coincide with the voices I heard.
I usually am not privy to the outcome of a call, and so I wonder...
I am the one who works weekends, strange shifts and holidays.
Children do not say they want my job when they grow up. Yet, I am at this vocation by choice.
Those I help do not call back to say thank you.
Still there is comfort in the challenge, integrity, and purpose of my employment.
I am thankful to provide such a meaningful service.
I am a mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter.
I am where you need me and still here when you don't.
My office is never empty, and the work here is never done.
I am always on call.
The training is strenuous, demanding and endless.
No two days at work are ever the same.
Who am I?
I am an Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatcher.

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Cindy B said...

I am not a law enforcement person (wait, I'm a mom. Does that count?) but I really liked this post. Thanks for sharing!