Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hands and knees...

Hands and knees...that is where I spent a HUGE portion of Saturday at school. We were learning about evidence. So to help us learn about evidence, we searched for evidence. We went outside and lined up in one long line. We then got down on our hands and knees, shoulder to shoulder with the person next to us, and crawled across several fields several times. We were looking for any type of evidence. The first time I didn't find much. The second time I found a post-it note with numbers on it. Then I found a key chain with a key. When we found something we would stand up right next to it, put our hat over it to "preserve" it, and then wait while the line went on without us. Our instructor had planted evidence for our searches, including $10 in change and several other things. It was also interesting to see what we found that had nothing to do with my post-it, a ribbon, feathers, foot prints etc.

After our first searches we went back inside for some more book work. The worst part?!? We were SOAKING WET!! From our knees to our ankles we were wet from crawling on the grass. After some more book work we went back outside to a field. We then stood shoulder to shoulder again and walked through weeds up to our chests looking for a "package". Our instructor gave us the following scenario:

"You are dispatched to this field on a suspicious incident. A neighbor called 911 saying she saw a female walk into the field with a package and then a few minutes later walk back out without the package. The female then got into a vehicle and drove off."

Do we have a crime? What kind of search are we going to do in this humungous field? Should we search? What kind of resources do we need? We had to think about all of these things.

We decided to do a strip search (not as bad as it sounds) where we all walk in a line to cover area. We were going to go out to a tree and re-group. As we were walking through mud and dirt and weeds we found our "package". We found a baby doll wrapped up in a blanket. We then met as a group with our instructor and answered the questions I listed we had a crime, we needed medical etc.

It was really an interesting and fun class. I came out wet and muddy and dusty with my shoes un-shined, but it was good and I really appreciated the things that I learned!! And it turned out to be quite a fun day in class. I always love hands on! :)

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