Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some excitement!

Today was such an exciting day at school! I have loved all of school, but the first part of this block has been full of laws and codes. It's been very interesting and I've loved it, but it was alot of book work. We are finally done with the laws least the book learning of laws. And we've had some good classes since then.

We had a communications class which is basically talking on a radio. I thought it was funny because my whole class loved it and was fascinated, but it's what I do every day at work. We also have done leadership classes which were good and full of awesome information. Last week we did conflict resolution...learning to talk to people and "talk people down" from excited or angry situations. We even "conducted" our first fake traffic stop on our instructor and had to go through the whole thing...asking for drivers license and registration, dealing with his attitude etc. That was an awesome class and I did amazingly well. I even impressed some of the guys in class. They thought I was so good but really I spend all day at work communicating and so it comes kind of naturally to me.

And today we did evidence collection and crime scene preservation. We seriously had so much fun. Not only was the instructor way cool, but he was a good teacher and easy to listen to. We dusted and lifted fingerprints, looked for hairs and fibers, made impressions of shoe prints with clay and learned how to glue fingerprints. It was alot of information, but so much fun. The fiber optic laser we used to look for hair and fibers costs $75,000 and is seriously one of the coolest things I've seen. I never thought I'd be that into crime scene or evidence, but after class today I have a new appreciation for it and a new appreciation for those who gather/preserve it.

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